The Outpost Tavern

What’s going on with your fellow Mashtronauts? You’ve come to the right place! This page is dedicated to updates on things happening with club members. This page is named for an early Mashtronauts club hangout. Celebrating a big brewing event, want to share an accomplishment or anniversary, or looking for a buddy to brew with you? This is the right place to find all these things. If you have a something you would like to share here, send an email to and we’ll post it for you. Be sure to include pictures!

Tristin Marcks

Our own Pilot, Tristin Marcks, is writing for the Houston Beer Guide. Be sure to check our her latest article on the “Season of Stouts”. Click here to go directly to the article on Congratulations Tristin!

Tim Gamble

Tim Gamble’s Irishman’s Extravangance Beer Release – Thanks to all the Mashtronauts that came out to 6 Wards Brewing Company to celebrate Tim Gamble’s beer release of Irishman’s Extravagance. It was great to see so much support for a fellow Mashtronaut. And the beer was fantastic! Get over to 6 Wards Brewing Company and try some while supplies last.

Michael “The Force” Wiley

For the past few Fridays and probably will continue for the next few, we have 6-12 folks (newer and old BAMMERS) that are FARTing at Bayview Duck, a British-y pub located in Bayview/Bacliff. BAM has been a regular visitor to the pub since the club began in 1991, and BVD has been a past sponsor for Lunar Rendezbrew starting from LR I. For those of you who might not have visited, BVD, its Brit beers and a revolving selection of local beers; Alec’s beer mixology; and traditional Brit fare and vibe. We usually meet around 5 – 5:30 PM… If you are looking for a place to alti-FART, come on down! (not BAM-sponsored (legalese))… CHEERS!

Blake Villermin

I recently switched over to electric. By recent, I’ve only performed a water test this past weekend. I’m planning on brewing this coming weekend.  You can find me on Instagram under “@blakevillermin” or searching “Blake Villermin” or “The Barking Dog Garage”.

Logan Wright

Congratulations on Logan for making the jump to all grain! First all grain kit purchased on 1/13. If you have any questions, we’re here for you. Just ask.

Lisa & Sanjay

I heard that Lisa and Sanjay are coming up on the 100th brew! Stay tuned for more info on that. We’ll make sure they get us photos, and maybe some video to share of that brew day.

Bakfish Homebrew Meet Up

Are you missing in person homebrew bottle shares? You should come out to BAKFISH Brewing in Pearland on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. Kris hosts a homebrew meet up that night to talk about brewing and pass around some homebrew to sample. Its a great place to get feedback on a beer. You might also come away with a friendly challenge. In December, the group picked a couple of ingredients and decided we each would brew a beer with them. Our ingredients were Vienna Malt and mushrooms. At least 4 of us will have our mushroom beers at the February meet up. This is going to be interesting. Hope to see some of you there.