Lunar Rendezbrew Sticker Competition

Lunar Rendezbrew 29 Sticker Competition

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As a part of this year’s Lunar Rendezbrew homebrew competition, the Bay Area Mashtronauts are adding a sticker competition. Brewers are encouraged to fill out the registration form and mail it along with 3 stickers of their own home brewery design to 563 Bay Area Blvd #311, Webster, Tx 77598. Entries are open from March 1st – May 1st. Entries can also be submitted with any beers entered in the Lunar Rendezbrew 29 homebrew competition. Any entries received after May 1st will not count towards the competition and will not be returned.

Registration Form

There will be two winners selected as the best homebrewer sticker. There will be a people’s choice online vote on this website with a link provided here in May. Voting dates will be set and the most votes will win. There will also be a panel of artists & designers that will review all entries and have a professional panel vote for the top brewery sticker. Both winners will be announced at the Lunar Rendezbrew awards ceremony on June 3rd at Billy’s Hall in Pearland, Tx as well as being broadcast on the Bay Area Mashtronauts YouTube channel.

Both winners will receive a $50 gift card from BottleMark for custom brewery printing. Winners will also receive 1 of every sticker entered into the competition. Everyone that participates will at least get a consolation prize. We will send out a random sticker from another brewer to everyone that entered the competition. There is absolutely no downside to entering this competition. We look forward to seeing all the creativity people put into their homebrewery stickers.

Now come the disclaimers. We reserve the right to invalidate any entry due to inappropriate images or language, commercial entries, or any non-home brewery stickers as determined by the officers of Mashtronauts, Inc. The sticker images will be published online and therefore we need to make sure they are appropriate. We also reserve the right to allow the entry to remain but censor any inappropriate portions of the sticker to keep it what we deem to be PG-13. By submitting your brewery sticker to this competition, you are authorizing Mashtronauts, Inc. to use the images for publication and for the promotion of this an any future events hosted by Mashtronauts, Inc.

Good luck to all that enter. And be sure to go to and see what exciting brewery merch you can order when you win one of these gift cards!