LR29 Sticker Competition

The brewery sticker competition as part of Lunar Rendezbrew 29 is now underway, sponsored by BottleMark. Below you will find the images of the stickers along with the brewery name. Once all stickers are loaded and verified, we will provide a link here for voting. One vote per person will be recorded and tallied. Good luck to all our participants!

Click Here To Vote!

The Barking Dog Garage

Bougie Bully Brewery

Bowser Brewing

Celtic Thistle Brewing

Guest Shower Ale

Longhouse Brewing

MacAllister Brewing

Mad Bee Mead

Palindrome Beer Works

Rockin’ H Brewing Co

Teets & Associates Brewing Co

Three Brothers Brewing

Vigilance Brewing

Voltiac Brewery

Please vote for your favorite from the link below. And be sure to visit the competition sponsor, BottleMark for your custom bottle labels and custom bottlecaps.