Gose/Berliner Weiss 2016 Experiment

This post is to document the Mashtronaut Gose/Berliner weiss experiment of 2016.  The basic concept is for various people to make a 1.035 OG beer consisting of a 50/50 grist of wheat and pilsner then sour it using the method of their choosing and to add different flavorings (fruit, spice, hops) to the beer.  The plan is to get together and try all the beers and compare when everything is ready.

Milk the Funk (MTF) Facebook page has lots of good information on sour beers and the various processes that people are using.  One of the methods for a quick sour is to perform a kettle sour with lactobacillus.  This is also referred to wort souring.  The MTF wiki has the following post that goes into the process.  This method seems to be more advantageous then mash souring since you can heat the wort up to kill off the bugs from the grain and inoculate the wort with a strain of your choosing.

I choose to use, Swanson Lactobacillus Plantarum, is actually a probiotic that comes in capsules.  The strain is friendly to use and provides a clean sourness.  I offered to provide capsules to anyone who wanted to join since I’m getting 60 capsules and only 1 per gallon is needed.

Here are the brewers that have voiced their interest so far:

  • Ryan Schaezler (me) – kettle sour using Swanson L. Plantarum
  • Donavan – TBD
  • Ginger/Paul – TBD
  • Steve/Lisa – TBD
  • Kelley – TBD

Here are some references:

Here are the recipes and processes that are planned:

Ryan Schaezler – Kettle Sour using Swanson L. Plantarum

7.5 lbs Pilsner
7.5 lbs Wheat Malt

  1. Mash at 152 degF with 75/25 blend of RO to filtered water
  2. Fly sparge nominally with acidified sparge
  3. Bring kettle up to 180 degF and hold for 30 min
  4. Chill to 115 degF
  5. Pitch Lacto and let it run for 2 days (check pH…need to determine target)
  6. Option A – Heat to 180 degF for 30 min with hops then chill and pitch yeast
  7. Option B – Boil for 60 min with late hop addition then chill and pitch yeast
  8. Split batch – one with some type of fruit and one with salt and coriander