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Here is the first edition of the Mashtronauts Uplink, our new quarterly club newsletter for 2021.  Click the link below to view the newsletter.

Mashtronauts Uplink Issue 01


Welcome to the website for The Bay Area Mashtronauts (BAM).  This is a club dedicated to the art and enjoyment of fermented beverages including but not limited to homebrewed beer, wine, cider, and mead.

The club supports the American Homebrewers Association’s goal of brewing better quality beers and enjoying them in a responsible fashion.

Please use navigation tabs at top of this page to learn more about us. 

Lunar Rendezbrew 27

WE ARE GO FOR LAUNCH!  Click here for more information on when our annual homebrew competition blasts off.


Can’t wait to support the Mashtronauts and Lunar Rendezbrew?  Now’s your chance.  Order your shirt today!  We have a new online Mashtronauts store through Square.  Click the logo below, or here, to order your shirts.  You will find them listed under Featured Items.  Shirts will come in men’s and women’s styles, with sizes S-XL at $22.00, and XXL+ at $27.00 with FREE SHIPPING!

Upcoming Events

General Membership Meeting with Guest Speaker Bobby Harl (Back Pew Brewing) Did you miss the meeting this month? No worries! We recorded the meeting and can provide dues paid members with the link to watch it. Just send an email to CAPCOM@Mashtronauts.com if you need the link.

BAKFISH Brewing Company’s 5th Anniversary – Friday March 12th, and Saturday March 13th will have events at BAKFISH Brewing Company for their 4th anniversary. Friday will be the release of Mashtronauts Randy Daily and Jonathan Reasoner’s Double Rye IPA as their official 5th Anniversary Beer as a result of winning their homebrew competition. Saturday will feature the release of the second place winner, a Wheatwine brewed by Mashtronauts John Black and Tristin Marcks.

What’s happining around the Mashtronauts?

Want to see what’s going on with your fellow Mashtronauts? Visit our new page called The Outpost Tavern to find out. The page will also tell you how to submit your own stories to be posted.

Nuts N’ Bolts 2021 is coming soon!

Nuts N’ Bolts will be getting underway soon. We’ll be setting up a Nuts N’ Bolts page soon with information on how to sign up. Teams will be selected at the February meeting. Stay tuned for more information here and on the FaceBook event page from our competition coordinator, The Force! To wet your appetite, we have a special teaser video for your entertainment (please subscribe to our YouTube channel).

Here is a recap of the Nuts N’ Bolts competition from 2020:

Small But Mighty Results:

  • 1st Place – Ryan Cooper/David Brenna
  • 2nd Place – John Black/Tristin Marcks
  • 3rd Place – Randy Daily/Jonathan Reasoner
  • Honorable Mention – Jared Wettenstein/Dimas Gonzalez

BAKFISH Homebrew Competition Results:

  • 1st Place – Randy Daily/Jonathan Reasoner
  • 2nd Place – John Black/Tristin Marcks
  • 3rd Place Tie – Jared Wettenstein/Dimas Gonzalez
  • 3rd Place Tie – Ryan Cooper/David Brenna

Big and Beautiful Results:

  • 1st Place – Ryan Cooper/David Brenna
  • 2nd Place – Keith & Mindy Brooks/Chris Salazar
  • 3rd Place – Jared Wettenstein/Dimas Gonzalez
  • Honorable Mention – John Black/Tristin Marcks
  • Honorable Mention – Randy Daily/Jonathan Reasoner

Overall Nuts N’ Bolts Winners for 2020:

  • 1st Place – Ryan Cooper/David Brenna
  • 2nd Place (tie) – Randy Daily/Jonathan Reasoner
  • 2nd Place (tie) – John Black/Tristin Marcks
  • 3rd Place – Jared Wettenstein/Dimas Gonzalez

Competitive Corner

The Mashtronauts compete regularly in the Lone Star Circuit. That is a series of homebrew competitions in the state of Texas (including our own Lunar Rendezbrew) where points are earned for placing in the competition. Those points go towards individual homebrewer of the year, team of the year, and club of the year. The Mashtronauts won club of the year in 2008, 2009, and again in 2015. Entering any competition on the Lone Star Circuit may help the Mashtronauts get back to the top again! Click here for more details and a list of qualifying competitions.

In addition to Lunar Rendezbrew 27 that is prominently featured above and has its own menu item, there are other competitions out there for you to get great feedback and represent the club in. Make sure that when you enter a competition that you select the Bay Area Mashtronauts as your homebrew club. We are a team and want to showcase our amazing brewers we have in the Mashtronauts. Competitions on the Lone Star Circuit also tally club points and publish club standings throughout the year.

Here are a few upcoming competitions to make note of:

Operation Fermentation – Registration is Full. If you have already registered beers in this competition, the turn in deadline has passed. Judging is taking place now. You can go to https://opferm.cialers.org for updates and more information about this competition.

Bluebonnet Brew Off – Registration opens January 3rd and runs through January 21st. The deadline for receiving entries is also January 21st. If you have not decided what to enter for Bluebonnet, now is the time. This is the biggest competition on the Lone Star Circuit. The awards ceremony will be March 20th. You can go to http://bbbrewoff.com/bluebonnetbrewoff for more information about this competition. For entry submission, our own Jeff “Stumpy” Oberlin will be driving Mashtronaut entries up to Dallas. If you need to get Stumpy’s info, send an email to CAPCOM@Mashtronauts.com and I’ll forward it to you. Despite what he said, I’d hate to put his cell number and address directly on the website. Thank you Stumpy for coordinating this for all the Mashtronauts!

Boot Brew Fest – Registration is open 2/1/21 through 2/28/21. This is a competition in Eunice, La and is a part of the Bayou State Circuit. Registration is $7.00 and entries must be received by 2/28/21. This contest has a total entry limit of 200 (limit of 10 per brewer), with 2015 BJCP styles 1 – 33 accepted (no mead/cider or experimental cat 34). A homebrew festival and awards ceremony is planned for April 10th. You can go to BootBrewFest.com for more information about this competition. If you plan to enter, get with Stumpy as he may also have entries and can consolidate club entries.

Midwinter Homebrew – Registration is open now through February 6th. The deadline for receiving entries is also February 6th. This competition is in Milwaukee, Wi and is run by the Beer Barons of Milwaukee. Beer, mead, and cider are accepted as entries. This is the a qualifying event for the Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing and the AMMA National Meadmaker of the Year, so winning here can lead to some extra perks! You can go to https://midwinterhbc.com/competition/ for more information about this competition. Awards will be announced when judging is completed. You can go to their website for updates and inforamtion at https://midwinterhbc.com/.

To find additional competitions to enter, please visit the AHA competitions or BJCP competitions websites for a full list of their sanctioned events.


Our friends Keith and Mindy Brooks at Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply are not only members of the Bay Area Mashtronauts, but they continue to go out of their way to support the club through member discounts, event hosting, drop off location, and much much more. Thank you Keith and Mindy!

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