Welcome to the website for The Bay Area Mashtronauts (BAM).  This is a homebrew club in Southeast Houston dedicated to the art and enjoyment of fermented beverages including but not limited to homebrewed beer, wine, cider, and mead.  The club supports the American Homebrewers Association’s goal of brewing better quality beers and enjoying them in a responsible fashion.  We always welcome in new members whether you are looking to get into the hobby, or you are an experienced brewer.

Please use navigation tabs at top of this page to learn more about us and how to join.  If you are ready to become a Mashtronaut, just click here

Mashtronauts Awards!

Nuts N Bolts Stop One winners were announced this week.  While the number of teams continues to expand, we have our first results in.  Great job by all, but congratulations to our winners of the Belgian Beers entry!


LUNAR RENDEZBREW SILENT AUCTION:  Thank you to all who participated in the silent auction, as well as donated to it.  The silent auction raised $2,064.00 for the club!  We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your winnings!

In Person Events Have Returned:  All club meetings are now in person and online.  The F.A.R.T (Friday Afternoon Revival Time) has resumed in person as well, but sorry no online options for these.  Check the appropriate tabs for any updates on meetings or F.A.R.T.’s including the schedule.

Upcoming F.A.R.T.’s:  May 21 – Saloon Door, May 28 – Nobi, June 4 – Bayview Duck, June 11 – Good Vibes, June 18 – Vallensons, June 25 – Boondoggles

YouTube: Please subscribe to the Mashtronauts YouTube channel.  This will be the broadcast method for the Lunar Rendezbrew Awards Ceremony, as well as other fun Mashtronaut events, so you’ll probably want to subscribe anyway. Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/BayAreaMashtronauts


Competition Survey

Which remaining competitions on the Lone Star Circuit do you plan to enter?


Upcoming Events

Mead Making Class If you are interested in learning the art of making great mead, please register to attend our mead class on June 27th at 2:00 pm. These types of education classes are only for dues paid members of the Bay Area Mashtronauts. If you want to attend but you are not a member, you can easily join the club through our online store in the menu above. All current members were sent an email with the link to register. If you don’t have it and need the link to register, just email CAPCOM@Mashtronauts.com to request the registration link.

General Membership Meeting Join us on Tuesday July 13th at 7:00 PM for our monthly membership meeting. The meeting will be online via Zoom and in person at Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply, and the link will be emailed out to all dues paid members as well as posted on our Facebook group page. Our club meetings are for dues paid members, potential members, and invited guests.

What’s happining around the Mashtronauts?

Want to see what’s going on with your fellow Mashtronauts? Check out the posts under Members Forum on this page. Or you can visit our new page called The Outpost Tavern to find the archives of all the posts. The page will also tell you how to submit your own stories to be posted. Please note we moved this under the Club Info/Events menu item on the website.

Competitive Corner

The Mashtronauts compete regularly in the Lone Star Circuit. That is a series of homebrew competitions in the state of Texas (including our own Lunar Rendezbrew) where points are earned for placing in the competition. Those points go towards individual homebrewer of the year, team of the year, and club of the year. The Mashtronauts won club of the year in 2008, 2009, and again in 2015. Entering any competition on the Lone Star Circuit may help the Mashtronauts get back to the top again! Click here for more details and a list of qualifying competitions.

In addition to Lunar Rendezbrew 27 that is the competition we host each spring with it’s own menu item above for information. There are other competitions out there for you to get great feedback and represent the club in. Make sure that when you enter a competition that you select the Bay Area Mashtronauts as your homebrew club. We are a team and want to showcase our amazing brewers we have in the Mashtronauts. Competitions on the Lone Star Circuit also tally club points and publish club standings throughout the year.

Here are a few upcoming competitions to make note of:

Alamo City Cerveza Fest – This competition is part of the Lone Star Circuit and hosted by the Bexar Brewers in San Antonio. Registration begins July 5th, and ends August 7th, which is also when entries must be received. I do not see any style restrictions on their competition site. As this event will earn you and the club points in the Lone Star Circuit, this is an important event to enter. Go to https://accf.bexarbrewers.org for more information.

Limbo Challenge – This competition is part of the Lone Star Circuit and hosted by the North Texas Homebrewers Association Registration begins July 12th, and ends July 28th, which is also when entries must be received. This event is called Limbo for a reason. All beers entered are for styles that are 1.050 or lower original gravity. Please check their event website for style restrictions. As this event will earn you and the club points in the Lone Star Circuit, this is an important event to enter. Go to https://www.limbocomp.org/ for more information.

Dixie Cup XXXVIII – This competition is part of the Lone Star Circuit and hosted by the Foam Rangers. Registration opens on August 5th. Their special category this year is Hazy IPA’s. We’ll have more information when it becomes available, but you can check out their site for more information at http://dixiecup.foamrangers.com/.

Southern Yankee Beer Co. Wort – This competition is hosted by Southern Yankee Beer Co. It is a wort share, meaning they will produce the wort, and you can pick up 6 gallons of wort to do anything you want with (no wild sours). Entry fee is $25, with a max of 20 entries. Wort pickup will be July 24th, and turn in dates are still TBD. Their website did not have the information yet, but their Facebook event page can be found at https://fb.me/e/2q4mBjxsY.

City Acre Brewing – City Acres Brewing is hosting a homebrew competition. Registration is now closed. Entry is $20, and you must serve up to 2 gallons of your beer at their brewery on July 17th for a public vote. There are no style requirements, but it must be under 7% abv and use Wyeast 1728 (Scottish Ale) yeast. Any Mashtronaut entering should notify CAPCOM@Mashtronauts.com so we can arrange for all our serving booths to be grouped for our own little club party. If you would like to attend, please come out to City Acre Brewing on July 17th to support your fellow Mashtronauts. You can find out more information at www.CityAcreBrewing.com/events-3.

Belgian Brew Brawl – The Belgian Brew Brawl is hosted by the South Austin Area Zymurgists (SAAZ). This is a new competition that is in consideration to join the Lone Star Circuit in 2022. Seeing as we are brewing Belgian beers for Nuts N Bolts, this would be a fun way to get feedback on those beers. Entries are only $8.00. There is a 200 beer overall limit. Registration is open now through June18th. That is also the drop off deadline. The Mashtronauts have already dropped off the group entries. You can register or find more information at https://belgianbrewbrawl.brecompetition.com.

Clash of the Carboys – This competition is part of the Bayou State Circuit in Baton Rouge, La and hosted by the Redstick Brewmasters. The entry deadline is open now and closes on July 23rd. The entry fee is just $7.00, and there is a limit of 150 entries and is about half full already. If you decide to enter this competition, check in with Stumpy to see if he is submitting entries that can be combined and delivered. Go to www.clashofthecarboys.com for more information.

To find additional competitions to enter, please visit the AHA competitions or BJCP competitions websites for a full list of their sanctioned events.


Our friends Keith and Mindy Brooks at Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply are not only members of the Bay Area Mashtronauts, but they continue to go out of their way to support the club through member discounts, event hosting, drop off location, and much much more. Thank you Keith and Mindy!

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