Welcome to the website for The Bay Area Mashtronauts (BAM).  This is a homebrew club in Southeast Houston dedicated to the art and enjoyment of fermented beverages including but not limited to homebrewed beer, wine, cider, and mead.  The club supports the American Homebrewers Association’s goal of brewing better quality beers and enjoying them in a responsible fashion.  We always welcome in new members whether you are looking to get into the hobby, or you are an experienced brewer.

Please use navigation tabs at top of this page to learn more about us and how to join.  If you are ready to become a Mashtronaut, just click here

Dog Treat Fundraiser

Are you looking for information about the dog treat fundraiser for the Pasadena Animal Shelter?  If so, click HERE to go to the page with all the information you need.


Mashtronauts Awards!

  • Dixie Cup
    • Joel Cervantes & Kevin Knea – Silver – Dunkels Bock
    • Blake Villermin – Bronze – Cream Ale
    • Wesley Kulcak – Silver – Witbier
    • Wesley Kulcak – Gold – White IPA
    • Josh Santelises – Gold – Wild Specialty Beer
    • John Black – Silver – Czech Amber Lager
    • John Black – Silver – Specialty Smoked Beer
    • John Black – Silver – Wood Aged Beer
    • Honarary Mashtronaut: Jake Jones – Silver – Fruity & Spiced Beer
    • Honarary Mashtronaut: Jake Jones – Silver – First Time Entrant
  • Hoppy Halloween
    • Wesley Kulcak – Bronze – Witbier
    • Michael Reed – Bronze – Dunkels Bock
    • John Black – Silver – Blonde Ale
    • Joel Cervantes – Bronze – Imperial Stout


YouTube: Please subscribe to the Mashtronauts YouTube channel.  This will be the broadcast method for the Lunar Rendezbrew Awards Ceremony, as well as other fun Mashtronaut events, so you’ll probably want to subscribe anyway. Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/BayAreaMashtronauts



Upcoming Events

General Membership Meeting Join us on the second Tuesday each month at 7:00 pm for our monthly membership meeting. The meeting will be live in person at Saloon Door Brewing in Webster, Tx. This will be a regular meeting with food provided. Please note that the February meeting has been cancelled as it takes place on Valentines Day. But our Pale Ale comparison event will be Friday February 17th at Saloon Door.

Officer Meetings Regular officer meetings will take place on the third Tuesday each month at 6:30 PM. The location may change as Bakfish has recently closed. Ask an officer if you need to confirm the location. Executive session will take place first. Committee members and general members wishing to address the board will be welcome to join after executive session ends (usually around 7:15 pm).

Competitive Corner

The Mashtronauts compete regularly in the Lone Star Circuit. That is a series of homebrew competitions in the state of Texas (including our own Lunar Rendezbrew) where points are earned for placing in the competition. Those points go towards individual homebrewer of the year, team of the year, and club of the year. The Mashtronauts won club of the year in 2008, 2009, and again in 2015. Entering any competition on the Lone Star Circuit may help the Mashtronauts get back to the top again! Click here for more details and a list of qualifying competitions.

In addition to Lunar Rendezbrew 27 that is the competition we host each spring with it’s own menu item above for information. There are other competitions out there for you to get great feedback and represent the club in. Make sure that when you enter a competition that you select the Bay Area Mashtronauts as your homebrew club. We are a team and want to showcase our amazing brewers we have in the Mashtronauts. Competitions on the Lone Star Circuit also tally club points and publish club standings throughout the year.

Here are a few upcoming competitions to make note of:

Operation Fermentation – This is a beer and mead only event. Entry for beer has already filled up, but there are some spots left for mead. It is the first event on the Lone Star Circuit for 2023. Please register to judge at opferm.cialers.org. Or register for meads at mead.cialers.org.

To find additional competitions to enter, please visit the AHA competitions or BJCP competitions websites for a full list of their sanctioned events.

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