Welcome to the website for The Bay Area Mashtronauts (BAM).  This is a homebrew club in Southeast Houston dedicated to the art and enjoyment of fermented beverages including but not limited to homebrewed beer, wine, cider, and mead.  The club supports the American Homebrewers Association’s goal of brewing better quality beers and enjoying them in a responsible fashion.  We always welcome in new members whether you are looking to get into the hobby, or you are an experienced brewer.

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Mashtronauts Awards!

The Dixie Cup awards ceremony has concluded and the Mashtronauts had an incredible performance!  The club placed 3rd overall in the points standings, and not far behind the leaders.  Equally impressive is the number of different names on the medal list.  This was truly a team effort!  22 total medals were awarded to Mashtronauts at the event.  Below is a breakdown of the standings and the winners.  Please reach out to congratulate these winners as some of them are first time medalists!

Club Totals (Points) from Dixie Cup

  1. Foam Rangers – 52
  2. Ninja Homebrewers – 48
  3. Bay Area Mashtronauts – 45

Individual Winners from Dixie Cup

  • Wesley Kulcak – 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Blake Villermin – 1 Gold
  • Jonathan Reasoner – 2 Gold, 1 Silver
  • Randy Daily – 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Adolph Postel – 1 Bronze
  • Jared Wettenstein – 1 Silver
  • Ryan Cooper – 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Josh Santelises – 1 Silver
  • John Black – 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Team Winners from Dixie Cup

  • Josh Santelises & Ryan Cooper – 1 Silver
  • Joel Cervantes & Jeff “Stumpy” Oberlin – 1 Bronze
  • Thomas Kozuch & Blair Kelly – 1 Bronze


After our annual meeting in November, new officers have been elected for 2022.  Please meet the new Cockpit Crew for the Bay Area Mashtronauts!

  • John Black – Mission Commander
  • Jonathan Reasoner – Pilot
  • Jared Wettenstein – Payload
  • Michael Lerman – CAPCOM
  • Randy Daily – Mission Specialist

Lunar Rendezbrew dates are set!  Check our our teaser announcement video!

First Friday Education Class:  The first Friday of every month will be the Mashtronauts First Friday Education Class at Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply.  Dues paid members can participate starting at 6:30 pm on the first Friday of every month.  Visit the event post for more information by clicking here.

Upcoming F.A.R.T.’s: Nov 5 – Bayview Duck, Nov 12 – J Henry’s, Nov 19 – Beers Looking at You (BLAY), Nov 26 – Vallensons, Dec 3 – Bayview Duck, Dec 10 – Backyard Brewing, Dec 17 – BAKFISH Brewing, Dec 24 – No Fart since it’s Christmas Eve

YouTube: Please subscribe to the Mashtronauts YouTube channel.  This will be the broadcast method for the Lunar Rendezbrew Awards Ceremony, as well as other fun Mashtronaut events, so you’ll probably want to subscribe anyway. Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/BayAreaMashtronauts

BAKFISH Homebrew Meetup:  The next Bakfish Brewing homebrew meet up will be Monday November 1st.  This is a bottle share opportunity.

Upcoming Events

General Membership Meeting Join us on Tuesday December 14th at 7:00 PM for our monthly membership meeting and holiday party. The meeting will be live in person at Saloon Door Brewing in Webster, Tx. As the results for the 2021 Nuts N Bolts competition will be announced, we will record the business portion of the meeting and post it to our YouTube channel that evening. Since this will be our holiday party, dinner will be a pot luck. We hope to see you there with a delicious dish or dessert to share with the club.

What’s happining around the Mashtronauts?

Want to see what’s going on with your fellow Mashtronauts? Check out the posts under Members Forum on this page. Or you can visit our new page called The Outpost Tavern to find the archives of all the posts. The page will also tell you how to submit your own stories to be posted. Please note we moved this under the Club Info/Events menu item on the website.

Competitive Corner

The Mashtronauts compete regularly in the Lone Star Circuit. That is a series of homebrew competitions in the state of Texas (including our own Lunar Rendezbrew) where points are earned for placing in the competition. Those points go towards individual homebrewer of the year, team of the year, and club of the year. The Mashtronauts won club of the year in 2008, 2009, and again in 2015. Entering any competition on the Lone Star Circuit may help the Mashtronauts get back to the top again! Click here for more details and a list of qualifying competitions.

In addition to Lunar Rendezbrew 27 that is the competition we host each spring with it’s own menu item above for information. There are other competitions out there for you to get great feedback and represent the club in. Make sure that when you enter a competition that you select the Bay Area Mashtronauts as your homebrew club. We are a team and want to showcase our amazing brewers we have in the Mashtronauts. Competitions on the Lone Star Circuit also tally club points and publish club standings throughout the year.

Here are a few upcoming competitions to make note of:

Operation Fermentation – This competition is the first event for the Lone Star Circuit in 2022. It is hosted by the Cane Island Alers here in Houston, Tx. Registration opened on 11/13/21 and sold out 600 entries in 2 hours. We tried to tell you all how quickly this was going to fill up, and still we were shocked by it. The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday February 26th at 6:00 pm. This includes all beer and mead style categories, but no cider. You can check out their site for more information at https://opferm.cialers.org/.

Bluebonnet Brew Off – This competition is the second event for the Lone Star Circuit in 2022. Registration opens on 1/3/22 and closes on January 24th 2022. This competition has a 1500 entry limit, which will not fill up quite as fast as Op Ferm, but some styles have caps. So don’t miss out on entering the style you want. All styles of beer, mead, and cider are accepted, but please be aware of the category combinations as they lump styles together differently than most competitions. The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday March 19th in Dallas. You can check out their site for more information at https://bbbrewoff.com/bluebonnetbrewoff/.

Lunar Rendezbrew – This is OUR competition! Every mashtronaut that currently brews should enter at least 1 beer. Most clubs win or have a great showing at their own competition. I would love to see the Mashtronauts win LR28! Registration opens February 19th and closes March 20th. Entry count caps are being discussed now, so more details will be provided when available. The awards will be May 14th at the Bay Area Community Center on Nasa Rd 1. Find Lunar Rendezbrew in the menu for this website for more information.

To find additional competitions to enter, please visit the AHA competitions or BJCP competitions websites for a full list of their sanctioned events.


Our friends Keith and Mindy Brooks at Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply are not only members of the Bay Area Mashtronauts, but they continue to go out of their way to support the club through member discounts, event hosting, drop off location, and much much more. Thank you Keith and Mindy!

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