What is Nuts N’ Bolts?

You may have heard the term “Nuts N’ Bolts” from a meeting, our website, YouTube, etc. But what does it mean to the Mashtronauts? The Nuts and Bolts competition is the Bay Area Mashtronauts annual intra-club competition.  While not officially sanctioned by the AHA, this competition gives the winners bragging rights for the whole year.  The competition typically pairs beginning brewers with more experienced brewers.  Brewers are usually paired up in at the February meeting and given special instructions for their brew(s) together. Its a great way to learn more of the art of brewing, and is a great bonding experience for club members.

2022 Competition

N&B Information

1. Extra beer for the judges is ALWAYS good (blatant bribe speak…)

2. The NUTS& BOLTS Scoresheet will be uploaded soon. Like Last Year:

  • Points for entering the N&B events
  • Points for Honorable Mention, 3rd, 2nd (the “Paul”), and 1st
  • Points for entering other “N&B sanctioned events”
  • N&B sanctioned events will be listed on the N&B scoresheets

3. Like last year, ALL Teams are essentially in it to win N&B team of the year from day one through the end. Don’t be discouraged by early results. There is plenty of opportunity to catch up.

Theme: We’ll Be Bock!

Part One: Helles Bock or Dunkels Bock

  • Helles Bock (4c) or Dunkels Bock (6c)Smoked (32) and wood aged (33) will be accepted with either base style identified
  • 1 bottle turn in with labels & style identification
  • Turn in dates: May 27th from 5-8pm at the Bay View Duck or May 28th from 1-4 pm at Saloon Door Brewing
  • Winners announced at the June meeting

Part Two: Dopelbock, Eisbock, or Weizenbock

  • Doppelbock (9a), Eisbock (9b), or Weizenbock (10c)Smoked (32) and wood aged (33) will be accepted with either base style identified
  • 2 bottle turn in with labels & style identification
  • Turn in date November 19th by 3 pm at a location to be determined – new brew shop?
  • Winners announced at the December meeting


Here is the line up of teams for the 2022 Nuts N Bolts Competition:

  • John Black & Hannah Richard-Molina
  • Randy Daily & James Harris
  • Jonathan Reasoner & Wordy Thompson
  • Sanjay & Lisa & Stephanie Harris
  • Matt Jaggers & Jeremy Hatfield
  • Dean Simpson & Denny Micka
  • Matt Berakovich & Rachel LeMay
  • Michael Reed & Juan Reza
  • Wesley Kulcak & Thomas Kozuch
  • Adolph Postel & Randy Lynch
  • Joel Cervantes & Kevin Knea
  • Dimas Gonzalez, Frank Martinez, & Jose Tapia