What is Nuts & Bolts?

You may have heard the term “Nuts & Bolts” from a meeting, our website, YouTube, etc. But what does it mean to the Mashtronauts? The Nuts and Bolts competition is the Bay Area Mashtronauts annual intra-club competition.  While not officially sanctioned by the AHA, this competition gives the winners bragging rights for the whole year.  The competition typically pairs beginning brewers with more experienced brewers.  Brewers are usually paired up in at the February meeting and given special instructions for their brew(s) together. Its a great way to learn more of the art of brewing, and is a great bonding experience for club members.

2024 Competition

The 2024 Nuts and Bolts competition is about to kick off. After many years of running the event, Mike “The Force” Wiley is passing the torch to Jeremy Hatfield. This year, Jeremy will be our commissioner. Themes and teams will be announced at our February club meeting.

For now, we just need to know who wants to participate. If you choose to be a part of this, there is a registration link below. Please keep in mind this is a yearly team pairing that will require a couple of brews together. Make sure you are willing to be a good partner and not leave the other person to go it alone. The whole point of the event is help learn from each other and build brewing relationships.

Register Here


Here is the line up of teams for the 2024 Nuts & Bolts Competition:

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If you have any questions about Nuts & Bolts and need to speak with the commissioner, please email