Lunar Rendezbrew

Lunar Rendezbrew 28


The Lunar Rendezbrew is an AHA approved homebrew competition and one of the premier competitions of the Lonestar Circuit.  Lunar Rendezbrew is a competition showcasing the best homebrew and craft beers in Texas!  BJCP 2015 guidelines will be used for this competition, and category groupings may be combined based on the number of entries (at the discretion of the BAM officers and the head judge).

Registration begins on February 19th.  The dropdown menu at the top of the page has a link for registering and submitting entries after that date.  All entries must be received by March 20th.  As was the case pre-Covid, the Bluebonnet Awards in Dallas will be a drop off point for entries for clubs outside of Houston.  Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply is our club shipping location again this year.  You may also use the registration page to sign up to be a judge for Lunar Rendezbrew.  We greatly appreciate any help that you can provide in this area.

Entry fees for Lunar Rendezbrew 28 have not been finalized yet.  There will be a total entry cap of 650 paid entries.  The number of beers that an individual brewer may enter will be capped at 16 paid entries.  For beers entered as a team or with co-brewers, the entry will count against the entry limit on the primary brewer listed for the entry, so please plan accordingly.  There will be a limit per brewer of 2 entries per BJCP category, and 1 entry per style (subcategory).  For example, a brewer could enter and Irish Red Ale (15A) and an Irish Stout (15B), but they could not enter 2 Irish Red Ales (15A) even if they are completely different beers.

Three bottles will be required for entry in this competition for Best of Show consideration.


Lunar Rendezbrew 28 merchandise is being designed now and will be displayed here prior to the event.


Leading up to the Lunar Rendezbrew 27 Awards Ceremony, the Mashtronauts will be hosting an online silent auction.  We anticipate using the website for this part of the event.  If you are interested in donating an item to the silent auction, please reach out to with your contact information and what is being donated.


Lunar Rendezbrew will host an awards ceremony on May 14th at 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  This will be a members only homebrew festival with beer, games, silent auction, more beer, food, and some awesome awards.  The awards portion of the event will be broadcast live on the Mashtronauts YouTube channel that you can find at  Please make sure you are subscribed to our channel and notified of updates to make sure you don’t miss the big event.  Times for the awards to be given out will be set at a later date once the event details are finalized.  For now, anticipate around 5 pm.  Due to legal requirements, this is a members only event.  But don’t worry, more information will be provided on how to become a Lunar Rendezbrew eligible member when we get closer to the event.

Medals will be provided to the top three entries in each medal group.  Additional awards will be provided for the best of show entries.

Good luck to all participants!

DISCLAIMER:  While we feel strongly that this would not happen, if the competition has to be cancelled for any reason, entry fees will be refunded.  Bottles already entered before the cancellation will be provided a reasonable opportunity to pick up your bottles locally or make arrangements with an officer of the Mashtronauts if special arrangements are needed.  Otherwise, any bottles not picked up will be donated for BJCP training classes.