LR Judging

Interested in Judging or Stewarding for LR?

Now is the time to sign up to be a judge at Lunar Rendezbrew.  We have both in person events being scheduled as well as take home flights for BJCP certified judges.  Please see the link below for our comprehensive Judges Guide for Lunar Rendezbrew 30.

LR29 Judging Guide

Ready to sign up now?  Here is the link to our online Google Form to let us know you want to be a judge, when/where/how you want to judge, and how many take home flights if desired.

LR30 Judging Sessions


If you have not signed up as a judge yet, please do so on the competition entry website.

RSVP for any judging session with our head judge at

Are you a BJCP Certified Judge?  Have you participated as a judge in other BJCP sanctioned homebrew competitions?  Have you participated as a Steward in one or more BJCP sanctioned competition and think you might like to try your skill judging beer?  Think you may have a knack for critically tasting beer?  If you can answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, the BAM Judging & Stewarding Team would like to speak to you about being a judge at Lunar Rendezbrew.  BAM is expecting a large number of entries at this year’s Lunar Rendezbrew and we will need help to provide an adequate number of judges to complete our first and second rounds of judging in the time available.  If you would like to be part of the judging team  E-mail the BAM Judging & Stewarding Team to sign-up.  Include which day you want to judge, name, phone number and Homebrew Club if applicable.  While there will be many flights of beer to judge, don’t feel that you have to commit yourself for a full day of judging.  This is a hobby after all and we all have lives outside of it.  BUT, if you can stay and help judge more than one flight of beers, we would appreciate the help.  In addition, if you happen to be around at noontime, we always provide an excellent lunch and refreshing beverages for our hard working judges, stewards and staff..  We look forward to your attendance and help!

Beer Stewards Needed!

Judging does not appeal to you?  Want to find out what judging beer is all about?  Want to save yourself from the rigors of having to write about what you just tasted? We got an important job for you, too!  A Beer Steward.  Don’t know what a Beer Steward is?  See below for an interesting analogy and details!

Never been a Beer Steward???  Here’s what it’s all about!!




Have you ever wanted to taste and learn about the different beer styles…for free??  Well now is your chance!! The BAM Judging and Stewarding Team want YOU to help Steward for this year’s Lunar Rendezbrew.

Stewarding:   In a dog show, each dog has a Handler that presents the dog to the judges. A Beer Steward is similar in that he or she presents the beer to the Beer Judges.  While a Handler is a highly trained expert who works to help the dog win, a Beer Steward has a much easier job.  You don’t need as much training and you have no impact on whether any particular beer wins; so there’s no pressure.  It’s a beer – relax – have a homebrew!

I’ve Never Done This!  What Does a Beer Steward Do?

Good question.  It’s very simple.  You fundamentally pour beer.  Here are the basic duties of a Beer Steward:

1.    Get the bottles of beer and all the judging sheets that are going to be needed at your table. The Head Judge and the Head Steward are the people who will help you get started.

2.    Go to your table with your flight and meet your judges.  Make sure you have the necessary equipment for judging at the table.  Like cups.

3.  Open one beer at a time and pour a small amount into a cup for each judge.

a.     Pour yourself a sample of each beer; that’s why you’re really here isn’t it? 😉

b.    If you want, take notes & score the beer based on the guidelines

4.    Listen and learn as the judges critique each beer; compare their notes & scores to yours.

5.    Record the judges scores (not yours) for each beer on the master score sheet.

6.    Repeat for each beer until done, total the scores, have a judge sign the score sheet, then turn in the master score sheet to the Head Judge

7.    Take a break, get a snack, have a refreshing drink to clear you palate and start another category

Simple!  So, if this sounds like the best deal ever and you want to help, contact the BAM Judging & Stewarding Team and tell them which day(s) you would like to be a Beer Steward.  Make sure to include your name, phone number and Homebrew Club, if applicable.  Or just show up.  If you can only offer a half-day of support, that’s good too!  THANK YOU in advance!

After the Judging

When the judging is done, there will be TONS of unopened beers and empty bottles/cases that need a good home.  If you want free beer and/or are looking to add to your empty beer bottle supply, this is where you really strike it rich!

That is all there is to it.  But we cannot make the judging at Lunar Rendezbrew a success without your help in judging and stewarding!   Make sure to E-mail our Judging & Stewarding team to sign-up!  Remember to include the day(s) you can help us, your name, phone number and Homebrew Club, if applicable.