Bay View Duck – F.A.R.T. Invitation from The Force

Michael “The Force” Wiley’s invitation: For the past few Fridays and probably will continue for the next few, we have 6-12 folks (newer and old BAMMERS) that are FARTing at Bayview Duck, a British-y pub located in Bayview/Bacliff. BAM has been a regular visitor to the pub since the club began in 1991, and BVD has been a past sponsor for Lunar Rendezbrew starting from LR I. For those of you who might not have visited, BVD, its Brit beers and a revolving selection of local beers; Alec’s beer mixology; and traditional Brit fare and vibe. We usually meet around 5 – 5:30 PM… If you are looking for a place to alti-FART, come on down! (not BAM-sponsored (legalese))… CHEERS!

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