Free Homebrew Supplies

Greg Branan is getting rid of some old equipment and wanted to offer some free items to club members of the Mashtronauts. Here is a list of items available that need to go this week. Email if you are interested.

  • Stand bottle capper
  • large funnel
  • cooler with one tap
  • 2 cornelius 8/14 cold plates with stainless tubes

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2 Responses

  1. Wayne Hughes says:

    Do the Mashtronauts still have a Facebook page? I was on it two years ago but had issues with Facebook. I am an old member that moved to North Carolina in 2011. Back on Facebook and would like to catch up with old members.

    • mashtronauts says:

      I’m sorry for the extremely late reply to your website comment. We usually don’t get communications this way and it was overlooked until now. Yes, we have a Facebook group and you can find us at the following link.

      Thanks for checking in. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.


      John Black
      Mission Commander
      Bay Area Mashtronauts

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