Winter Storm Damage Assistance

There are several Mashtronauts that I know of that have been impacted by damage from frozen pipes due to the recent winter storm that impacted our entire state. I also know of a number of Mashtronauts that have jumped in to help out our fellow club members.

With that said, I encourage anyone that has damage from this storm that could use a hand, please don’t shy away from asking for help. Many of our club members have skills that can help in your recovery, or no skills but a strong willingness to help however they can.

Please use the comments on this page to post what you may need help with, or with an offer to help. This club is filled with amazing people with huge hearts. Lets support our fellow Mashtronauts! Cheers to all!

John Black


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  1. mashtronauts says:

    I may be lacking in home improvement skills, but I’m willing to help if anyone needs anything.

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