Sanjay and Lisa’s Beer Release at 6 Wards

Mashtronauts Sanjay Thomas and Lisa Montemayor were recently asked to brew a collaboration of their semi-famous Creme Brulee Stout with 6 Wards Brewing. Some of you may be familiar with this beer as it was the Nuts N Bolts People’s Choice award winner at Lunar Rendezbrew 26 in 2019. The beer release event will be February 14th at noon at 6 Wards Brewing in Dickinson. I find it very appropriate that it is being released on Valentines Day, because you are sure to love it!

Please leave your comments below to show support for Lisa and Sanjay’s beer release. Congratulations!

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  1. John Black says:

    Congratulations Lisa & Sanjay! I remember how good that beer was and I can’t wait to have another pint of it. Cheers!

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