June BAM Meeting

Our June in person meeting will be at Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply on Tuesday June 8th. We will also provide a link to the Zoom meeting for those who can’t attend or still prefer the online meeting. That link will be emailed to dues paid members and posted on our social media account on Tuesday June 8th.

We will have Nuts N Bolts Stop One results at the meeting. We will also recap Lunar Rendezbrew and the incredible job by the Mashtronauts. We’ll discuss upcoming competitions to keep the momentum going. We will also discuss upcoming education opportunities.

Please remember that meetings are for dues paid members. Guests are welcome, and we’re always wanting potential new members to stop in and see what the Mashtronauts are all about. But if you’ve been a member and your dues are not paid, please make sure you go to the online store and renew today. We’ll have a sign in sheet for the meeting as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all and sharing some homebrew!

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