LR27 Entry Sorting Day!

Aside from registration announcements and event planning, the first actual event of Lunar Rendezbrew is the sorting of entries. This bottle sort is a team effort among the club members. Entries are unboxed, scanned in, labeled with id numbers, and then boxed according to their judging flight. While it is limited who will actually be working the computers to record match up the entries received, there are a lot of other duties that we need help with.

Please make arrangements to be at Saloon Door Brewing from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday April 3rd for this sorting event. We know it’s the day before Easter, and we apologize that for this unfortunate timing. But we are pressing on and hope to put on a wonderful competition for all who entered from around the country!

We will be indoors and on our feet for a good portion of the time. So wear comfortable shoes. Also, please kindly observe any Saloon Door Policies regarding Covid protocols. They are kind enough to host our sorting event and provide cooled storage space for our bottles, so let’s be good guests for them and thank them for supporting the Mashtronauts.

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