AHA Homebrew Shop of the Year

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is taking votes now for the national Homebrew Shop of the Year Award. I personally would love to see Hoppin’ Grape Homebrew Supply receive this award for all their outstanding work and dedication to the local homebrew community. Below is the information from the AHA and how to vote.

The local homebrew shop plays an important role in our community, and not just as suppliers of ingredients and equipment. These small businesses serve as advocates for homebrewing and contributors to their local communities. Of the countless craft beer success stories today, how many of them started off as aspiring homebrewers with a visit to their local shop?

The Homebrew Shop of the Year Award aims to recognize the integral role that homebrew shops play in the homebrewing community.

Award Criteria

To win this award, AHA members will nominate homebrew shops that excel in the following criteria:

  • Local homebrew community support
  • Education
  • Customer service & engagement
  • Promotion of homebrewing to the public
  • Responsible business practices

No one homebrew shop can win this award twice within a five year period.

How to Enter

Entry form submissions for the 2021 Homebrew Club of the Year Award are due by May 21st, 2021. Follow the prompts in the form to submit a complete proposal for your local shop.

Entries will be reviewed and voted on by a panel of judges from the AHA Governing Committee. A secondary round of vetting will take place following nomination involving the local shop and local homebrewers.

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